Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Personalized Aluminum Water Bottles

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Re-Use Solution

     A"re-use-solution" for reducing disposable plastic in 2012 - Reusable Aluminum Bottles for drinks on the go. If you drink one bottle of water per day and pay $1.50 for it each time, you are spending an extra $550 a year on water! Even if you buy your bottled water very cheaply most of the time, you will still be wasting over $150 each year. The $10-15 investment in a reusable aluminum water bottle is a bargain by comparison!
     On top of the cost savings you will achieve by using a refillable bottle, there are obvious environmental benefits as well. The green movement against the ridiculous wastefulness of bottled water is gaining momentum in schools across the country. Once students are made aware of the problem, it is easy for them to take action by drinking tap water from a reusable bottle and making their own drinks using concentrated drink mixes with tap water.

These very simple steps are easy for students to comprehend and feel good about.                                                    
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