Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wine Glass, Candle Holder, & Hand Soap Monogrammed Gift

My son's girlfriend, Stephanie is the sweetest and wonderful girl that any mother could ask for. Anyway, it was her roommates birthday this week and Stephanie was looking for a fun, preppy gift on a college student's budget. These are just a few of the personalized items I created for her as gifts (to herself and roommate).

Adorable, right? All of these can be monogrammed and personalized just for you!! Simply "add to cart" or e-mail us at

Wine Glass
Vinyl Font color
Group, club, or name

Thursday, March 22, 2012

FSU Seminole 2012 Spring Football

Personalized Vinyl Nole Wine Glass and Beer Mug
The first week of spring practices are nearly over at Florida State and are preparing for their first scrimmage of the year on Monday. Thursday’s practice was the first workout the Seminoles have had in shoulder pads this spring. They’ll go in full pads Monday for the scrimmage. Today’s temperatures were fairly accommodating, in the afternoon they stayed around 80-81 degrees with a slight breeze; at other times this week, they verged on 90-degrees.

The Seminole football practices have been closed to fans and the media. The public’s first chance to see the 2012 Noles in action will be at the annual Spring Football Game at 4pm.

Celebrate the unveiling of FSU’s talent for the upcoming football season in style with this Nole Girl Wine Glass and Personalized Nole Beer Mug.
Personalized Wine Glass, Beer Mug, or Pilsner Glass – just $12.00! 
Where else can you get such unique handmade items for such a low cost?

Nole Choice
Name (Mug & Pilsner Only)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Personalized AKA Sorority Items

These adorable small and personalized tubs can be customized. They make great inexpensive gifts for any occasion-and be sure to order one for yourself! Lime green and hot pink available - only $4.00

Text on Opposite Side of AKA

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Personalized College Wine Glasses-Auburn or GA

Makes a unique gift for any occasion-excellent teacher, child care, beautician, birthday, and wedding gifts.

These collegiate wine glasses can be yours to monogram or customize in any way that you want. A matching ribbon can be added on stem if desired.

The paw prints can be substituted for the polka dots on the Auburn and Georgia wine glasses-just note your preference in your message to the seller during checkout.

*Not limited to these teams, just e-mail us and we will be happy to “personalize it” with your favoriteteam.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Personalized Aluminum Water Bottles

Available Colors
Re-Use Solution

     A"re-use-solution" for reducing disposable plastic in 2012 - Reusable Aluminum Bottles for drinks on the go. If you drink one bottle of water per day and pay $1.50 for it each time, you are spending an extra $550 a year on water! Even if you buy your bottled water very cheaply most of the time, you will still be wasting over $150 each year. The $10-15 investment in a reusable aluminum water bottle is a bargain by comparison!
     On top of the cost savings you will achieve by using a refillable bottle, there are obvious environmental benefits as well. The green movement against the ridiculous wastefulness of bottled water is gaining momentum in schools across the country. Once students are made aware of the problem, it is easy for them to take action by drinking tap water from a reusable bottle and making their own drinks using concentrated drink mixes with tap water.

These very simple steps are easy for students to comprehend and feel good about.                                                    
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*If choosing to personalize with a three initial monogram, please provide your initials in the correct order for a traditional monogram.      First initial, LAST initial, Middle name initial
Layers of Vinyl
Bottle Color
Vinyl Color
Art or Design

Friday, March 9, 2012

3-Letter Monogram These adorable personalize glass votive holders make a classy and fun addition to any home or room. Indicate font color when ordering. Example shown is in KK Monogram font.

Font Color
3-Initial Monogram (F,last, MI

Monogrammed Candle Holder

Single letter glass votive holder, complete with polka dots. Personalized with initial and vinyl color of choice. Example is shown in Curlz font in chocolate brown with brown and green polka dots. $6.00

Font Color
Single Initial
2 Polka Dot Colors (above)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Personalized Tubs and Easter Baskets

A creative and great idea to use as a gift basket for Easter, birthdays, baby & wedding showers, just fill it up! Tub can be used later for small books & toys, crayons, hair accessories or other small items.
Tub is made of light weight plastic and measures 6 inches tall, 12 inches from end to end at the top and 9 inches deep at the top. 
Design is custom cut out of high quality outdoor sign vinyl. Pick from Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow, or Green.
This tub can be personalized with a name, monogram OR initial and polka dots. We can also create a custom design upon customer request. 

First Name OR 3-Letter Initial

Friday, March 2, 2012

3-Initial Personalized Wine Glass

Order yours today-only $12.00 for single layer monogram!

Personalized aluminum water bottles-Deerlake Bucks, soccer, dance, horseback

One-layer vinyl aluminum bottles-$10.00
*If choosing to personalize with a three initial monogram, please provide your initials in the correct order for a traditional monogram.      First initial, LAST initial, Middle name initial

Layers of Vinyl
Bottle Color
Vinyl Color
Art or Design